German Shepherd ‘Adopts’ An Abandoned Baby Opossum And It’s The Cutest Thing On The Planet


When an animal loses its parents in the wild, knowing how to survive on its own is vital. Sadly, not all animals know how to fend for themselves and that can have dire consequences.

Poncho the opossum was just a baby when he was found clinging to the body of his dead mother. His chances of survival were slim, but he was taken to a nearby shelter, and despite the odds, he recovered there.

Even though Poncho survived the trauma of his ordeal, he was still without a mother to rear him. That’s when the veterinarians at the Rare Species Fund decided to introduce him to someone special…

Poncho, a baby opossum, was rescued from the side of a road after his mother had been hit and killed by a car. When rescuers arrived they managed to keep him alive, though he still didn’t have a mother or guardian to rear him from that point forward.

While the rescuers weren’t able to replace Poncho’s mother, they had an idea that might help to rehabilitate him. The vets at the Rare Species Fund introduced Poncho to Hantu, a white German shepherd who they believed could be a companion to the orphaned opossum.


The vets knew this odd pairing might be a stretch, but they had hopes that it could work. Much to their delight, Poncho and Hantu took to each other immediately and forged a tight bond. They noted that it was like they were natural-born mother and son.


Their companionship was undeniable to anyone who saw them from the very start. Hantu seemingly couldn’t go anywhere without Poncho clinging to her back, and it seemed like Poncho viewed the large white dog as his own mother. They had clearly made a wise decision in pairing the two!


As time passed, Hantu has continued to look after Poncho. They have become like an actual family. Now that he’s all grown up, you’d think that he might be a little too big to ride on his mother’s back, but Hantu clearly doesn’t seem to mind lugging her adopted son on their journeys.

Hantu trots along on long strolls through the woods together, as Poncho holds on tight and does his best to take in all of the scenery. Their dynamic is perfect and it works for them. 

One of Poncho and Hantu’s favorite activities to do together is to go for long hikes in the wilderness. Watch these two go for an adorable walk in the woods and check out how Poncho hitches a ride on his mother’s back…