Taco store owner spots freezing homeless outside, takes matters into her own hands


Taco lovers will tell you the tasty Mexican treat is just as belly-filling as it is heartwarming. But, a Dallas Taco shop owner is now warming hearts with more than her wholesome food.
This winter, Emilia Flores is serving up coats alongside her delicious tacos to help those in need. The sign outside her shop is simple but clear, reading, “Are you cold? Take one. Do you want to help? Leave one”.

Flores got the idea last year when she saw the same idea being implemented in her native country, Mexico. “And I thought it was a wonderful idea,” she told ABC 8. “So when I came back I did the same.”

The coat rack is to not just help the homeless, but anybody who might need a coat, gloves or a scarf this winter. “They can just come and get them. And they don’t have to ask or feel embarrassed about it. And I think that’s a great thing,” Flores told Fox 4

Even though Good News Network reports the rack was stolen twice last year, the community rallied both times to restock the rack and continue helping those in need.

“I just thought it’s a great idea,” said Sharon Quinones, who donated coats, told Fox 4. “In a season that’s all about giving — what a great way to give back to people in need.”

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