Get Ready For Halloween With The Freakiest Things Ever, In 2 Sentences Or Less.


Crafting a horror story is an art form. Being able to freak people out with a book or movie is no easy task… that is, of course, unless the story you’re telling is real. When it’s real, that’s when things getreally freaky. Users on the social sharing website, Whisper, were asked to share their creepiest encounters with the unknown while they were home alone. The results are actually terrifying.

Warning: You might not want to read these if you want to have any chance of sleeping tonight.

1.) That’s when you know you drank too much caffeine.

2.) Uhhhhh… what!

3.) There’s no way…


4.) Imagine what they thought before they knew it was a bird?

5.) Sleeping in that bed again would be impossible.

6.) Hearing this would have kept me up for hours.

7.) I hope this was just a bad dream.


8.) It’s hard to describe how unsettling this is.

9.) Even bedrooms aren’t safe.

10.) That Siri can’t be trusted.

There aren’t many words that can adequately express how unsettling these stories are.

(Via: Mashable,Viralnova)

Well I guess I never really liked sleeping actually. These stories are damned creepy, and there’s still more than a month until Halloween.