This Girl’s First Selfie Seemed Superficial And Distasteful. But Then I Saw The Rest… AMAZING.


In today’s culture, taking a “selfie” photograph is all about selfishness. More often than not the tone is overtly sexual and the subject of the photograph wants to show the world just how great they think they are. It’s a unhealthy habit, especially for young boys and girls who need to worry less about their sex appeal and should focus more on loving life.

Sophie Starzenski decided to take a selfie one morning. Although most of these pictures are self-absorbed, when you see what she did with hers… you’ll be blown away.

Source: Sophie Starzenski

The title of Sophie’s work is 40 semanas y un espejo (40 weeks and a mirror). She wanted to show the world the beauty and miracle of life in an entirely new way. This photo series may redefine what it is to “take a selfie.” Share her beautiful work with others.