She Glued Cloth Napkins To The Back Of Her Dollar Store Plates! The Reason? SO SMART!


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a plate set for every occasion?

Of course, it seems a little over the top to buy new dishware every time you throw a party, not to mention just how ridiculously expensive that would be.

Most of us can go decades before we buy a new set of dishes, and maybe you have one extra set for special occasions.

That’s all about to change, though, because there is a super simple way to get designer plates while only spending a few dollars!

Lois from the blog, PineRidge Hills, shared the cutest idea of how she made adorable plates using a few cheap supplies.

“I decided to try my hand at making designer plates out of a set of glass salad plates I purchased at the dollar store,” Lois wrote on the blog post about her project, after wondering how and where people store all the expensive plates they buy for gorgeous table displays.

She started the project with square pieces of fabric, or cloth napkins, her glass plates from the dollar store, and Mod Podge.


The first thing Lois did was spread a thick coat of the glue onto the back of her plate using a knife.

Once every inch of the surface was covered, she draped the napkin over the back of the plate.


“It dries fast so have the fabric ready,” Lois wrote.

Lois made sure she had what’s considered the “top” of the fabric facing towards the plate and smoothed it out to get rid of all the bumps and air bubbles.

“I used my small spatula to get any wrinkles out,” Lois wrote.

Once that was done, she added a second layer of Mod Podge to the top of the napkin to secure it firmly in place.

After that Lois propped the plate up on a cup to let it dry overnight.


When it had finished drying, the only thing left to do was carefully trim off the extra edges of the fabric so that the only thing left was the material that had been glued to the bottom of the plate.


She also sprayed a clear sealer over the napkins when they had dried, which makes them painless to wash.

The result when she flips the plates to face upward are the cutest patterned dishes!

“The next time I find a designer remnant of fabric at the store, or a set of napkins, I can make my dishes to match,” Lois wrote. “The ideas are endless!”