> A Group Of Giraffes Line Up By The Pool, But It’s What Happens Next That Had My Jaw Dropping…

A Group Of Giraffes Line Up By The Pool, But It’s What Happens Next That Had My Jaw Dropping…


What’s the first thing you think of when you think about giraffes? For me, it is their long neck and speckled fur. When my brother and I both graduated from college, we were blessed to be able to take an African safari through Kenya. We got to see dozens of these 20-feet tall mammals in person. They’re incredible.

But filmmaker Nicolas Deveaux wants to share another side of a giraffe’s life with you. One you probably have never seen before. And as you watch the video below, you’ll see what Deveaux has captured on film and shared with the world. It’s certainly 5-minutes of jaw-dropping footage you won’t want to miss…

When the film begins, you’ll see a tiled walkway light up. Then suddenly you hear hooves clapping against the tile. Then more. Suddenly a large giraffe appears in screen. It starts walking toward the camera as if it is on a mission to do something important. Seconds later, more giraffes appear until a large collection of them are marching together.

The camera pans out to show a large concrete spiral staircase. The giraffes continue to walk upwards until they stop near the top. Then another giraffe is lowered down from the ceiling held upwards by a platform. It doesn’t look afraid at all.

Finally, the first giraffe starts galloping. It runs and then leaps off the high dive with the assistance of the hanging giraffe. Then all the other large land mammals follow suit. They’re really enjoying the time of their lives.

While the video clearly features CGI giraffes, the concept is hilarious. Who knew these large mammals born to roam he African savanna could have just as much fun diving in the water park.

After each giraffe goes off the high dive, it swims over to the edge of the pool and walks out. When it gets on the concrete siding, the giraffes start galloping back up to the spiral staircase. They can’t wait to go again even if it means breaking the “no running” rule along the poolside.

At the 3:16-mark, a second giraffe is lower from the roof. Now two of these large mammals can go diving together. The sequence is pretty mesmerizing as the giant animals fly up in the air and then curl into a ball as they head down into the water in a perfect dive.

When each giraffe has had their fill of the water sports, they stand at the edge of the pool and take a big gulp of water. Even though they might be extreme sports enthusiasts, these mammals are still just animals.

This video has since gone viral with millions of views since its release. Hundreds of people have also shared comments in YouTube. Here are some of them:

  • “OMG No running on deck! What would happen if one of them slipped and broke their neck? Where are the life guards? This is a clear pool safety violation!”
  • “I could tell it was computer animated right away, though that was more due to the behaviour and movements of the giraffes, as opposed to the actual imagery. Either way it was funny and cute, and someone must have spent a lot of time on this”

Some people weren’t big fans of the clip.

“I really do not understand the idea behind this idiotic video. Were these people bored or what? Nothing of value! Other than fantasizing animal torture what is it?”

How about you? Did you enjoy this funny video?

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