> Guy asks 16-year-old girl to send nude pics from the shower – now watch her brilliant response

Guy asks 16-year-old girl to send nude pics from the shower – now watch her brilliant response


Sexual harassment is never okay, no matter who it concerns. Male, female, young, or old.

With today’s technology, it’s also very easy to send inappropriate pictures or invitations – and 16-year-old Reese Hebert recently experienced just this.

It began when a guy from school began to send her text messages. Reese and the guy exchanged messages for a whle, then Reese informed him that she was going to go and take a shower.

The guy immediately asks Reese to send pics of herself, in the shower.

But the response he would get is surely the last thing he expected…

© Twitter/Reese Hebert

If someone you barely know asks you for nude pictures, then perhaps you should follow 16-year-old Reese Hebert’s example.

She did not even know how the boy had obtained her number, but began by responding anyway. They texted back and forth for a short while before Reese announced that she was about to take a shower.

To that, the guy simply answered: “I want to see”.

Reese later told BuzzFeed that she is not “the type who sends naked pictures just like that.”

So she instead came up with a rather ingenious idea…

© Twitter/Reese Hebert

The funny umbrella-hat Reese had bought long ago had never really served a purpose… until now.

Reese later uploaded her conversation with the boy on Twitter, where many hailed her brilliant response.

“Laughed so hard I howled,” writes one user.

© Twitter/Reese Hebert

“I had not expected to get as much reaction,” said Reese, whose picture has since been liked and shared by thousands.

And the guy’s response, if you’re wondering?

Well, it’s yet to come.

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