Guy Steals Package From Front Door. Quickly Finds Out The Meaning Of Karma [video]


Tom wasn’t the only person in the neighborhood who had grown tired of the thief stealing their packages. Like the New York woman who went around on Halloween stealing candy, Tom has to contend with a crook who took the boxes being dropped off at his doorstep.

Because this wasn’t just one or two packages that had disappeared, Tom and his neighbors decided that they needed to do something. Because someone thought they could get away with stealing from the neighbors, Tom and his neighbor Bob decided to set a trap.

They figured out the thief’s mode of operation and prepared to catch him in the act. They planted a cardboard box on Tom’s porch and then waited for him to strike. Little did this package thief know, but Tom and others from the local community were lying in wait, and were about to get everything caught on camera…

With a security camera set up put in place, Tom and a few others gathered in his office to watch things unfold.

That’s when Tom and his friends saw the man wander up to his porch. He saw the package and thought it would just be the next valuable he would steal from the unsuspecting victims.

But the criminal was utterly wrong. The box was a trap. And was about to erupt in a stinky sort of revenge.

Tom thought it was hilarious. He got back at the criminal and also came up with a way to teach the thief a lesson so he will hopefully stop stealing packages from his neighborhood.

While the package itself, which had an exploding poop bomb inside, was enough revenge, he wanted to catch the man stealing on camera. He wanted to see how he would react when the stink would go off in his face.

When the camera footage starts rolling, you’ll see the same gold vehicle pacing back and forth looking for packages on the porches. On his third pass, he sees the box on Tom’s porch. But he doesn’t know the box is full of poop.

The bald thief joyfully hops up the stairs and picks up the poop box. He gets back into the van and has no idea it’s about to ruin his day. Karma is a b*tch.

Then 40-seconds later, the poop bomb goes off. The man is caught in the act and gets splattered with stinky revenge. He jumps out of the car and struggles to get the smell off of him. Tom and his companions burst out laughing.

This video has been very popular and more than 5 million people have tuned in to watch it. Here are some of the most popular replies in the comments:

“I can’t like this enough.. there aren’t enough like buttons!!”

“exploding all over him and the car is way better than just exploding on him and your sidewalk.”

“Is this going up on how to redneck as well? Tom im Disappointed in you…..”

“Show their faces. These kind of people deserves hell”

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