Here’s The Reason He Snapped A Fork In Half And Jammed It Into His Front Door’s Lock


What’s the first step to stopping a burglar? You need locks on your doors. If your doors aren’t protected, a thief can walk into your home and take your TV, computer, or jewelry. But sometimes you just want privacy. If you have young kids, you don’t want them walking in on your during an intimate moment or if you’re changing your clothes.

Sometimes doors don’t have locks. And if you haven’t made it out to Home Depot yet to buy a new door handle with a lock, you may need a DIY solution to lock a door quickly. There’s nothing wrong with that and in the age of the internet, you’ll actually find a number of solutions to get the job done.

One way that has been tried and tested uses a simple item from your kitchen – a metal fork. After watching the video below and taking the steps outlined here, you’ll learn how to turn a metal fork into a latch that’s hard to break. Let’s check it out so you can boost security in your home!

Although most home security is high-tech like KEO, brand-new smart home technology, or even the Amazon Echo and Google home, sometimes a simple DIY trick can do the dirty work, fast.

Every once in a while low-tech solution works best. For example, if you’re afraid of having hackers or government agencies look into your apartment or home through video cameras or other devices, you should probably just put some tape over your computer webcam in the event of a cyber attack. You’ll be shocked at how often this stuff happens.

For a DIY solution to protect you more, YouTuber Phil Crockett shows us how to turn a fork into a makeshift deadbolt lock.

While portable locks aren’t new, Crockett offers all of us a free solution that we can implement right away. You don’t have to worry about a burglar even for one night.

Certainly not intended for a permanent security fix, this fork trick does help when you’re in dire need. Here’s what you need to do to make it work for you!

Take a fork with a tapered handle and long prongs. Place the fork and place it in the latch hole. Mark a line with a marker down the prongs that shows the depth of the latch hole.

Put the fork in a vice with the prongs facing down and clamp it on the mark. Then bend the fork forward, so the prongs turn at a ninety-degree angle.

Saw off the handle of the fork near the base.

Now take the prong of the fork and insert it into the latch. Close the door. Then insert the fork handle through the prongs to block the door from opening.

Do viewers think the lock works? Here are their thoughts:

“Useful for privacy not security”

“Excellent idea for a makeshift lock.”

Have an unprotected door in your home? Try this life hack today!

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