Here’s How To Stop Your Car Windows From Fogging Up This Winter


One of winter’s little annoyances is that your car windows are constantly fogging up. It happens to everyone, and now you have to scramble to push the defogger button while you’re driving with impaired visibility. It’s not just irritating – it’s downright dangerous.

Luckily, YouTuber DaveHax has come up with this brilliant trick to get rid of foggy windows, using a pair of old socks and come kitty litter. Here’s how it works.

Stop Foggy Windows


  • Sock
  • Roll of Tape
  • Cat Litter


  1. Find an old sock.
  2. Put the roll of tape at the top of the sock, then roll the fabric over it, forcing the sock to stay open.
  3. Use the opening to fill up the sock with kitty litter, roughly up to the ankle.
  4. Once the sock is filled, remove the tape and tuck the opening of the sock inside itself so it seals the cat litter inside.
  5. Place the sock in your car and watch the foggy windows disappear.

This works because cat litter is designed to pull moisture from the air, and will help pull the condensation off your windows. This works with any brand of cat litter, and you can use something else to make the “pouch” instead of a sock if you don’t have one to spare. It works best when placed on the dash, but if you’re carpooling, you can stick it under a seat and it’ll still work.

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