Here’s The Street Justice This Dad Served To The Man He Caught Abusing His 3-Year-Old Son…


Child molestation has long been a problem in modern society, and can be traced to many organizations, both public, private, and even non profit.

If a parent were to ever see their child being molested by an ill intended adult, they would certainly show the child molester justice, but how much justice is too much?

One father by the name of Manual Vega found 38 year old Luke Petruschke molesting his small 3 year old son with his friend 43 year old Krish Carter.

When the father and friend saw what was going on and saw Petruschke fondling the boy, the ran up to him and gave him a severe beating, knocking Petruschke into a coma in October 2009.

Petruschke was put into an induced coma in the hospital after being beaten with bricks and rocks.  He stood his third trial at an appeals court May 18, 2016.

Though previous incidents similar to this one have landed people with life sentences in prison, Petruschke has a new opportunity because he was not able to speak for himself before due to the injuries.

Vega and Carter were jailed on attempted murder charges, though both men pleaded guilty and served probationary sentences.

Sgt. Greg Gasse explained that the father and friend had no right to serve Petruschke’s sentence right then and there on the street, and it is against the law to do so which is why they had to be somewhat punished as well.

Vega’s girlfriend at the time disagreed, saying that Vega needed to be at home in this time of need for their son, instead of on probation, in jail, and in court.  She says Vega should return home immediately.

What do you think of this situation?   Should the father and friend be charged?  Should Petruschke get a more lenient sentence?  Let us know your thought in the comments below.