> Hero Boy Saves Drowning Girl In A Powerful New Ad

Hero Boy Saves Drowning Girl In A Powerful New Ad


Sometimes, the lessons we learn as children prove their value years later, and when we least expect it. The video below is gaining lots of attention online for its powerful and potentially life-saving message.

The brand new ad below, created by Scouts South Africa and Cape Town agency Not Norm, may be short and simple — but it does its job fantastically. Parents enroll their kids in scouts, cubs, Brownies, and other youth organizations to foster a sense of community, responsibility, and leadership at an early age. Oftentimes, the skills learned during these programs are ones that can be carried for an entire lifetime, be it physical, emotional, or mental. In the ad below, we meet a young boy who rescues a drowning girl, pulling her out of the ocean like a superhero, and then utilizing the first-aid techniques he learned as a scout to save her life.

Moments later, the camera reveals an unexpected truth about this heroic boy — and the results are quite stunning. Isn’t it incredible to what’s possible when children are empowered?

The ad’s message is “Learn it young, remember it forever,” and the video really brings that message to life. It’s something everyone should see, so please SHARE it with your friends on Facebook!