Horses Play An Adorable Game Of Tag With The Dog


This might be one of the most beautiful friendships I’ve ever seen!

Meet Velet. This pregnant mare has decided that playing with her own species isn’t quite as exciting as spending time with another animal. On the farm, the horses and the beloved family dogs love to play together in the pasture and even get into a rousing game of tag.

“Here is my pregnant mare Velvet and 2-year-old April playing with my collie, Angel, and Great Pyrenees, Lady, out in the pasture just having fun,” their owner wrote on YouTube.

In the video, the two horses and two pups waste no time playing together and really seem to be enjoying the beautiful weather.

There are plenty of amazing interspecies friendships, like this dog and orangutan who make for an unlikely duo, but there’s nothing sweeter than watching these horses and dogs play.

Judging from the video below, their owner did a fabulous job at raising these animals. They just get along so well together.

And for those wondering, this pregnant mare has since given birth to a healthy little foal! Aww!

If you love dogs and horses, you will love these guys as much or more.

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