Husband Has A Failed Vasectomy, Then Films Wife’s Reaction To News She’s Pregnant


Tim and Rachel have three young kids, and they’re about to add another baby to the mix — but while Tim is fully aware of Rachel’s pregnancy, she has no idea.

Say what?!

About eight months ago, Tim had a vasectomy. Months after that, he started noticing that Rachel was hungrier and moodier than usual. Having gone through this a few times, Tim couldn’t help but notice his wife was acting “a little bit pregnant.”

But of course, there was no way that was possible, since he had a vasectomy. They brushed it off.

But then Tim remembered he never got the test results from his five-month check-up after his procedure. He called the doctor and discovered his vasectomy was unsuccessful, and the doctor forgot to tell him!

Being that Rachel was still acting strange, Tim came up with a sneaky idea. He disabled the toilet so it couldn’t flush, and when Rachel left a urine sample, Tim used one of their leftover pregnancy tests to see if she was in fact pregnant.

And guess what? The test was positive.

“She has no idea what she’s gonna find out when she gets home,” Tim tells the camera.

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