Imagine Walking Through A Garden And Seeing THIS… It Would Leave You Speechless.


This magical garden is right out of a fairytale. Nestled among the luscious rain forest in Marysville, Australia lives a collection of sculpted characters and creatures, all hand crafted by sculptor and painter Bruno Torfs out of either the trees in the forest themselves or from clay which he fires onsite in his kiln.

Bruno has been creating this magical world, rich with fantasy and insightful beauty, for some time now. But unfortunately in early 2009 a bushfire raged through the area, decimating everything in its path. Bruno’s home and 40 sculptures were completely destroyed in the fires along with a lot of the plantlife, but he chose to stay and rebuild his home and restore the sculptures in the garden, which now stand at over 100.

Here below are some of his incredible sculptures.

The unique experience of Bruno’s garden and its wondrous inhabitants attracts thousands of visitors a year, so if you ever find yourself near Marysville in Australia, why not stop by and enjoy the magic in person.

Source: Bruno Torfs Via My Modern Met