Even if you’re an avid admirer of nature’s majesty, you’re probably not aware of everything there is to love in the natural world. It only makes sense, though, that you’re only familiar with what happens in your specific region of the Earth. Every day, you get to experience many beautiful things, but there is just so much more to see.

Think about the trees you see in your daily routine. You probably pass by countless beautiful specimens just during your morning commute, but do you really notice them? It’s about time you start thinking about the beautiful life-forms you see… and learn about some new ones.

Take these trees for example. They seem too incredible, beautiful or strange to really exist, but they do. And they’re awesome.

Cannonball trees get their name from the large, globe fruits that grow on them.

Cannonball trees get their name from the large, globe fruits that grow on them.

The monkey puzzle trees in Chile are unique specimens.

The monkey puzzle trees in Chile are unique specimens.

This rhododendron shrub in Canada is over 125 years-old and it’s still going strong.

Flamboyant trees are native to Madagascar, but this one is in Brazil.

Relax and gaze into this maple tree tunnel, found in Oregon.

Meet The President, one of the largest sequoia trees in the world. You can find him in California.

Meet The President, one of the largest sequoia trees in the world. You can find him in California.

A 144 year-old wisteria in Japan is amazingly beautiful.

Plus, it’s one of the largest in the world.

The wind has permanently altered the trees you see here in New Zealand.

The strange baobab trees in Madagascar look alien, but those thick trunks can store water through droughts.

The Chapel Oak of Allouville-Bellefosse has grown straight through a church.

Human construction and nature have become one.

Rainbow eucalyptus trees are tropical, and these can be found on the island of Kauai in Hawaii.

The bark sheds in such a way so that different colored layers are showing at one time.

This gorgeous Japanese maple in Portland, Oregon, is an explosion of color.

The tree is so colorful, it almost seems to be engulfed in fire.

This antarctic beech in Oregon is completely covered in hanging moss. It’s gorgeous.

When the cherry trees bloom in Bonn, Germany, it’s truly a wonderful sight to be seen.

Human construction and nature have become one.

With clever techniques, you can make a tree grow it almost any shape.

The Angel Oak on John’s Island in South Carolina is an iconic, incredible tree.

The dragon blood tree in Yemen looks alien, but is completely real. Its sap is even dark red.

These jacarandas can be found in in Cullinan, South Africa. Their vivid blooms are gorgeous.

The low-hanging avenue oaks at the Dixie plantation in South Carolina are a piece of history.

The Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland are dark, mysterious and beautiful, all at once.

They were planted in the 18th century and have lasted until this day.

The Canadian hemlock is at home in dark forests, looming in the mist.

Banyan trees are almost all roots, which extend far beyond any normal tree.

The western yellow pine is a common, beautiful staple in the western US.

Bald cypress trees are propped up above the water, thanks to their roots.

(H/T Bored Panda/viralnova)

Strictly speaking, some of what you see above aren’t trees (they’re actually shrubs, vines or bushes), but they are still a wondrous sight to behold.

Not only are these plants incredible to look at, but they are important part of ecosystems all over the world. They help creatures from all walks of life (humans included) stay alive. Share their majesty with others by clicking on the button below. These trees need to be seen.

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