Instead Of Throwing Out His Old Cooler, He Cuts Two Perfect Circles And Transforms It Into THIS


Although summer is finally winding down, we aren’t out of the oven yet. The temperatures in many places across the country are still in the 90s or even higher. And if you’re afraid of what you’reelectricity bill will look like if you run your air conditioner too much, this do-it-yourself project is made for you.

Learn how to make your own homemade air conditioner using an old Coleman cooler. Check this out!

In just under 5-minutes, you’ll learn how to use an ice-based solar powered cooler to reduce the temperature in your home and reduce your bills.

All you’ll need to make this air conditioner is a Coleman cooler, a large PVC elbow tube and a small fan with a solar powered attachment.

First measure a circle around the elbow and the fan on the cooler’s top. Take a saw and cut them out.

Once you’ve cut the holes out, stick the fan and elbow inside. Check out how he does the solar powered fan at the 2:15 mark in the video.

After it’s all hooked up, load in some ice and turn it on. It’ll shoot out air at about 53°F or even cooler. That will certainly cool down your home!

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