Orphan Has Only Seen Her Adoptive Parents On A Pillow, Now They’re Sitting Right In Front Of Her


The process of adoption a child can be long, difficult, and emotional. Such was the case for the couple below, who hoped and prayed for many years to be able to adopt a baby.

In 2014, that day finally arrived when they brought a little girl named Delaney home from China.

“That’s what we’ve waited for,” Mom says while looking at Delaney’s photo. “Seven and a half years… and now she’s ours,” Dad says back.

The following video takes viewers on a roller coaster of raw emotions, from seeing Delaney’s face on the computer for the first time, to officially getting their travel approval, to Delaney’s “Gotcha Day” where they meet her and bring her home.

You can tell how much thought and love went into this adoption. Mom never went without her necklace with Delaney’s face as the charm, and Delaney had been given a pillow with Mom and Dad’s faces on it in, but when she finally realizes they’re sitting right in front of her, I couldn’t help but tear up.

The first night as a family, of course, was difficult and complex. “The part where she was just lying flat on the bed crying, with your husband rubbing her tummy and crying at the same time just made me sob all over again,” one YouTube commenter writes.

I have no doubt little Delaney is doing wonderfully in her forever family.

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