Some Lady Accidentally Sucked Her Parakeet Into A Vacuum. The Result Was Very Unexpected.


Marie Margarone from Massachusetts was using the vacuum cleaner when she started hearing and noticing something very strange and soon she found out why, the family pet parakeet, Birdie, was inside.

Birdie apparently thought she’d found a perfect hiding place to lay an egg when she crawled inside the family’s vacuum cleaner. But the eight year old parakeet ended up being violently sucked up and thrown around inside the vacuum when her owner Marie went to do some spring cleaning and switched on the home appliance.

Marie immediately brought Birdie to Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston where veterinarians rushed to save her life.

Birdy sure is lucky to have survived that ordeal. Same can’t be said about unwanted spiders entering my vacuum.

Source: The Daily Mail

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