Life Is Too Short To Do What You Hate. These Will Open Your Eyes If They Aren’t Already.


Life is short. This is a wide and well-known fact. So why do so many people waste their time doing things that don’t make them happy? Usually it’s because we just don’t have the time or freedom to change our lives. As individuals, we have responsibilities that keep us tied to jobs we may not like. If there are family members involved, then we would have to think of their well-being, too, before switching careers.

No matter what responsibilities you may currently have, if you’re looking to change your life, these brilliant advertisements may convince you to do it.

Jobs in Town is a German job-hunting website.

Its ads aim to show people that life is too short to have the wrong job.

They place their ads on ATMs, vending machines, gas pumps and more.


They feature unhappy employees working terrible jobs inside of whatever you are currently using.

If you were stuck in a terrible job yourself, then you may relate to these ads.


Their strategy is genius.

Even if you love your current job, it’s hard not to reconsider what you’re doing when you see these ads.

It’s so easy to identify with those people that seem to be confined to their terrible jobs.

Don’t let life pass you by while you work at a job you hate. The joyful things will disappear if you’re overwhelmed, stressed or depressed. Life IS too short for the wrong job.

Source: Jobs in Town via Design Taxi

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