Lioness just gives birth to newborn cub. Then man tries to pick the cub up


Zookeeper Kevin Richardson has developed a very special relationship with lions. This South African is an animal behaviorist who works extensively with lions. In fact, his relationship with them is so stunning that many have dubbed him “The Lion Whisperer.”

In the video below, we see Kevin spending time with a mother lion in her cage. The two clearly share a strong bond as they hug, lick, and kiss each other. Kevin doesn’t show any sign of fear or nervousness, and the lioness does not view him as an enemy.

What’s surprising is what happens when Kevin picks up a newborn cub. At this point, you would expect the lioness to feel worried and concerned. After all, someone else is holding her precious cubs. However, the lioness is completely relaxed and comfortable, and she trusts that her cubs are safe in Kevin’s hands.

It’s a beautiful video that highlights a very special relationship.

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