Little Girl Has The Most Precious Reaction To Meeting Her Newborn Sister


If you’ve come to LittleThings to see some precious moments, look no further!

When it comes to adorable videos, this next one is pretty much as cute as it gets. Little girl Jessica is still pretty much a baby herself, but as of recently, she has landed a very important role in the household… she’s just become a big sister!

In the following video, we see Jessica go to the hospital to meet her sweet newborn sister, Vanessa, for the very first time. When the tiny infant started to cry, Jessica did the most precious thing you can imagine, surprising her parents and making her a viral video star!

Jessica’s reaction is especially precious, because when you welcome a new baby into your life, you can never be sure how your older kids will react. I was about the same age as Jessica, 2 years old, when my little sister was born. Although I don’t remember it well, I do remember insisting for longer than I want to admit that my sister wasn’t my mommy’s baby, but my aunt’s.

I guess I wasn’t ready to share the love with someone else yet, but Jessica looks like she’s going to be taking her new job very seriously…and there’s no doubt in my mind that she’ll be great at it!

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