> Little Penguin Freaks Out When He Sees Who Just Stepped Into The Room

Little Penguin Freaks Out When He Sees Who Just Stepped Into The Room


Since most penguins live in freezing-cold climates, a vast majority of people never have the opportunity to interact with them up-close. If they did, they might be shocked at just how loving these little birds can be!

Cookie, a little penguin, is the mascot of the bird house at the Cincinnati Zoo in Cincinnati, Ohio. One day, a guest keeper at the zoo decided to film him walking around the facility.

Just when you think the scene couldn’t get any cuter, Cookie sees his favorite caretaker, and his reaction is just adorable…

It almost goes without saying that penguins are truly amazing—and widely loved—creatures. Even though they’re birds, they’re flightless; instead, they use their flippers and webbed feet to glide through the cool waters of the Southern Hemisphere and Galápagos Islands.

Ben Tubby / Wikimedia Commons

Penguins have been beloved for many generations. So it’s no surprise that they’re well-represented in popular culture, from the documentary March of the Penguins to the supervillain in the iconic film and comic book franchise, Batman.

Actor Danny DeVito famously portrayed Batman’s nemesis the Penguin in 1992’s Batman Returns.


Penguins come in all shapes and sizes. One of the smallest species of penguin on Earth is Eudyptula minor, or simply “little penguins.” How small are they, you ask? Well, they usually measure between just 13 and 17 inches. That’s tiny!

fir0002 / Wikimedia Commons

Little penguins can usually be found on the coastlines of New Zealand, the Chatam Islands, and Southern Australia, although there are also records of them being found in Chile. Of course, their larger cousins tend to “chill out” in Antarctica. (Pardon the pun!)

Frank Wouters / Wikimedia Commons


In New Zealand, they are often known as blue penguins or little blue penguins because of their distinctive feathers, while Australians will refer to them as fairy penguins. The native Māori people also know them as kororā. Whatever you call them, they’re undeniably cute—and there’s one in particular who can prove why…

JJ Harrison / Wikimedia Commons

Little penguins are classified as “Least Concern” on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List, which is good news for these adorable animals and the humans who love them. That should make them happy, right? Well, it looks like one little penguin certainly got that memo recently…

Francesco Veronisi / Wikimedia Commons

One little penguin in particular, named Cookie, is the official mascot of the bird house at the Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio. And boy, is he a little heartbreaker! Who wouldn’t fall in love with this sweet guy?



One day, the adorable bird was being filmed waddling around the zoo’s facilities when, unexpectedly, he peeked around the corner and spotted his favorite caretaker. His little face lit right up with joy! Clearly, this was someone special to him.


It’s difficult to imagine that there would be anyone out there who wouldn’t love Cookie’s emotional reaction the moment he saw his beloved caretaker. There was no mistaking that special moment!


Just watch what Cookie did after he rounded the corner and saw the caretaker he loved so much. One could say that his reaction was similar to how a puppy would react when they spotted their owner (or perhaps a treat)…


That little guy just couldn’t contain his excitement. It’s so easy to see why the internet has fallen in love with little Cookie! Hopefully, he and his brethren will continue to thrive for many decades to come.

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