She Loaded A Syringe With PAINT And Used It To Do THIS! The Result? How Creative!


If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary when it comes to decorating your house, this is the perfect project to try.

 Germarie Bruwer from the blog, Homeology, shared how she used a syringe to create the coolest accent wall in her home!

“It’s a very simple project although it takes a bit of planning, but once you get it right, it’s great fun,” Germarie wrote on her blog post about the project.

Basically, she uses the medical tool as a painting tool in order to create the coolest DIY drippy paint wall!

She started the project by choosing a variety of bold, fun colors to work with.


Along with that, Germarie said that for every color you choose to use, you’ll need its own syringe to go with it.

When she had all the supplies, she dove right in and started to fill the tool with her first paint color.


After that, she painted the wall by placing the tip of the syringe at the molding towards the top of the wall and then slowly pushed out the paint, letting it drip down.


Germarie added that if you try the project, you should not dilute the paint at all before using it.

As the paint drips down the wall it makes almost perfectly straight lines, and Germarie worked with each color one by one spreading them out across the wall.


When she liked the amount of one shade, she would grab a new syringe and start on the next color to fill in the spaces.

“I finished one color at a time, keeping the line dense and long on the one end and making them gradually more sparse and shorter towards the other end of the wall.


The length of the paint drips vary from stripe to stripe, and it all depends on how much paint you load into the syringe at a time.

“All in all, every wall using this method will be entirely unique,” she wrote.


When using this method, Germarie suggests starting with smaller amounts of paint inside the syringe until you get the hang of it and beware of how far it will drip down the wall (meaning cover up your baseboards and floor accordingly, just to be safe).