It Looks Like A Wagon In The Woods…But Inside? UNBELIEVABLE.


The Tiny House Movement has been sweeping the nation and the world in recent years. From communities building a tiny home village for the homeless, to a couple pursuing their dream of owning atrue “home on the range,” more people now than ever are eschewing McMansions and mortgages in favor of small, eco-friendly, and highly sustainable tiny living spaces that are all their own.

Tiny homes provide all of the necessary creature comforts without putting a dent in one’s bank accountsor causing harm to the environment. Plus, they’re super cozy and radiate the personality of each of their respective owners and builders.

Deep in a Canadian cedar forest, you can find one such whimsical home that belongs to a woman named Rachel Ross: a tiny 160 sq. ft wagon that was built in the 2000s using mostly recycled materials, including a round window cleverly repurposed from a ’70s picnic table. All it took to build this wagon in the woods was ingenuity, recycled parts, and a little elbow grease!

Best of all? It only cost $8,000 to build, way more affordable than your typical mortgage!

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This wagon in the woods may only be 160 square feet…


…But once you get inside, this cozy caravan gets even more magical!


The arched high ceilings and minimalist accents give the interior a simple, rustic feel.


It’s the perfect place to get away from the world and do some quiet reflection and writing.


The elegantly curved countertops in the kitchen are made from reclaimed wood.


All of the shelves and countertops are custom-built, in fact.


The three burner stove was recycled from a camper van and runs on propane.


This lovely round window was made from an old ’70s picnic table. Pretty clever, huh?


There’s even a window seat for great views of the surrounding woods! Bird watching, anyone?


The skylights and all of the windows make the space bright and airy. Staring up at the stars from the bed at night must be amazing.


The bedroom’s tatami mats are inlaid in the floor, and from this room, there’s a lovely view of the nearby lake.


Not only did the caravan cost just $8,000, it’s movable by truck or tractor!


The lovely French doors are removable so relocating this woodsy home is as uncomplicated as the dwelling itself.


There’s no bathroom in this wagon home, but just steps outside there’s an A-frame outhouse with a composting toilet.


The best part? It’s surrounded by a cedar forest, and from inside, you can hear the soothing sounds of waves from a lake nearby.


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