> She Loves Him, But He Pays Her No Attention…Until She Did THIS!

She Loves Him, But He Pays Her No Attention…Until She Did THIS!


The world is full of love stories just waiting to happen. The problem is, most people are too shy to make anything happen and end up letting true love pass them by.

Italian ice cream company Cornetto is playing matchmaker with a series of short stories that are guaranteed to touch your heart. The idea behind these beautiful ‘Cupidity’ films is that everyone wants to love someone and everyone wants to be loved back… it just rarely happens like you’d expect it to.

This short story is called the Kismet Diner, which is the setting for a love story about a humble waitress named Laura and the man she can’t stop watching. In an effort to gain the mystery man’s attention, Laura begins to serenade the diner’s patrons. Everyone applauds her beautiful voice, but with him, it’s like she doesn’t even exist.

Laura continues to love the man from afar, until one day, when help comes from a most unlikely source — a homeless man who she helps out of the goodness of her heart. This story teaches us that sometimes we need to listen with our hearts to hear love’s true calling. Will you answer when you hear it?

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