This Loving Mom’s Son Kept Ignoring Her Calls. What She Did? This Is Pure Genius


Getting in contact with your teenager is often tougher than it should be. They’ve got a phone with them at all times, so it stands to reason that they’re only a call away. 

That changes when you’ve got a stubborn kid who’s persistently ignoring your calls. Sharon Standifird had enough of her kids’ shenanigans, and got to work building something that would solve the problem.
Months later, she had a solution. Enter “Ignore No More”, a smartphone app that Sharon built herself. Sharon puts it best, “as a parent, all I have to do is touch the app, tap his name… and now I’m going to press ‘lock Bradley’s phone’.”
It’s as simple as that. Sharon’s son’s phone is instantly locked, and in order to use it again, he has to return her call. Worry not though — all emergency functions are still enabled. This will just keep him off popular apps such as Instagram and Facebook. She’s a winner in my book!