> Man Accidentally Exposes Gas Station Scam That’s Thought To Be Spread Throughout Entire US

Man Accidentally Exposes Gas Station Scam That’s Thought To Be Spread Throughout Entire US


In a viral video, one man noticed something strange at the CITGO gas pump. When he removed the nozzle and prepared to pump his gas, he thought he saw something strange. He couldn’t believe it. The Illinois gas station was charging him before he even started pumping his gas.

When other people started watching the video, it became clear that CITGO gas might be siphoning off millions of dollars from unexpected motorists every year with their alleged gas pump scam. But watch the video footage below to make a decision for yourself.Do you think CITGO is stealing from you?

The man who posted the video began the revealing clip with some background in order to document the moment accurately.

“I went to prepay 25 bucks to put gas in my car,” he said. “And then suddenly I noticed something really strange.”

Then the man pans his camera from the gas pump to the nozzle. He has it resting on the trunk of his car. And nothing is coming out of it. Not even a drop.

“You see where the nozzle is? It’s right on the trunk,” he said. “Do you see any leaking gas from it? None.”

He then shows you the pipe from the nozzle to indicate that there are no dangerous leaks.

“Now I wanna show you something really strange,” he said as he focused in on the pump screen.

Although he is not pumping gas, the screen shows the numbers increasing on the “gallons” and the “sale” indicting that CITGO is charging him for invisible gasoline.

“These things keep on charging me. I don’t know for what,” he said. “Maybe for air? I thought the air was free. Be careful next time when you gas up at CITGO,” he continued.

Since the video was posted on Reddit, many readers wondered whether this was just a part of a much larger scam cheating millions out of their money.

Other people said that the state inspectors are responsible for making sure this doesn’t happen as gas station are liable to try to cheat a little.

“This is called meter creep,” Redditor Mrhematocrit said.

“Unfortunately, this does happen. Usually it’s not at fault of the owners or operators of the station — usually. Sometimes the meters break and read incorrectly. Now, if it was reported to the station and they did nothing about it, then that would be pretty suspicious,” x4everendeavorx added.

But you should make a decision for yourself. Watch the video below to see what is happening to this man at the CITGO gas station in Illinois.

Here’s what the videographer wrote in the description.

“Is this a fraud or just a mistake?! Let the regulatory organs decide that! After that I went to get my 25$ back and I was told by the gentleman that sometimes it gets loose and that was the reason for what you saw on my video! Interesting, don’t you think! I left with empty tank and do not have any plans to visit CITGO anymore!”

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