Man sings “You Raise Me Up” with such passion, judges struggle to hold back tears


Chris Mann stepped onstage for the season finale of The Voice ready to prove why he deserved to win the competition. Dressed in a slick black tuxedo, Chris stood at the end of a red carpet with a microphone in hand. As violins and piano play around him, his gentle, soulful voice takes command of the audience’s gaze and attention. Chris delivers a stellar performance of “You Raise Me Up,” and I couldn’t help but feel my eyes well up. It’s so beautiful! Just wait until he hits the chorus, he nails it!

“You Raise Me Up” was the perfect song for Chris. It allows him to show off his wonderful vocal range. Going from soft tones to deep and heavy tones, Chris transitions effortlessly, and you can sense the emotion and passion in his voice. He really embraces the song’s meaning and takes it to heart.

By the end of his performance, the judges and audience members were fighting back tears. It’s that good!

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