Man Wipes Away Makeup To Reveal His True Face

It’s interesting how much we actually judge based off of looks. After all, as the saying goes, “looks can be deceiving.” If you took one look at Rico Genest here, nothing would come across as surprising. However, once he takes a towel to his face and begins wiping away what was actually makeup, we see Genest’s true appearance.
Better known as Zombie Boy, Genest is covered in tattoos with the most recognizable being the skull tattoo on his face. In this interesting interview, Genest reveals how comfortable he feels within his tattoos. In fact, in one experience he cites, Genest opens a door for a woman walking in, but the woman goes out of her way to take the other door, just to avoid him. While many may expect that his appearance would turn him into an outcast, it has had quite the opposite effect. Since his transformation, people have instead gravitated towards him, and he has received quite a bit of unwanted attention.
Watch the video to see his dramatic transformation.