Mars is one of Earth’s closest neighbors. It’s sort of the like the neighbor you have over for coffee on Sundays, except that Mars is a planet and doesn’t like terrible metaphors.

Regardless though, Mars is a fascinating place. NASA has made a concerted effort to explore more of the red planet in recent years, but our knowledge of Mars’ past is still a bit murky.

Kind of like when you think your neighbor used to be in prison, but every time you ask…well…ok, I’ll stop it (not).

While we don’t know much about our interstellar neighbor’s past, we’re learning more everyday. Even as you read this we have hundreds of cameras pointed at their house day and night constantly snapping pictures. Not to mention the few remote control robots that are exploring their lawn.

The result are these amazing pictures of Mars, both from space and from the ground. They’re literally otherworldly.

Picture of liquid water flowing on Mars.

Picture of liquid water flowing on Mars.

The Gale Crater

The Gale Crater


Ice in a crater.

Storm clouds over the red planet.

That bright spot in the middle of the picture is Earth.

Almost looks like the American south west.

Crazy dune patterns.

More dunes.

Strange how the sky isn’t blue.

Avalanche in action.

Craters of dry ice.

It’s so Earth-like it’s unsettling.

Mineral deposits.

A martian dust devil.

Mars’ south pole.

Sunset on Mars.

Desert in every direction.

The crisscross tracks of dust devils.

In the shadow of something big.

Fresh impact crater.


Another dust devil.

Dry ice cracking through.

So alien.

Dunes, dunes, and more dunes.

That’s enormous.

Dust devil trails.


You’re looking good, Mars. (Hopefully you keep all of your alien life forms to yourself.) Make sure to share these pictures on Facebook by clicking below.

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