> Michael Bublé sings "Home" when he's abruptly interrupted - Blake Shelton joins him for a duet

Michael Bublé sings “Home” when he’s abruptly interrupted – Blake Shelton joins him for a duet


To all the ladies out there, this is a dream come true.

David Foster, a world-renowned songwriter and producer, hosted a one-night only concert back in May 23, 2008. For this special event, he invited a group of supremely talented musicians and singers to join him on stage and mesmerize the crowd with wonderful renditions of classic songs. Some of these artists include Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban, and Michael Bublé.

In the video below, Michael Bublé starts to sing his original song “Home,” only for David Foster to stop him a few seconds in. Something seems off to him. Michael sounds like he’s singing the song a bit differently…

But before the audience gets too confused by what’s going on, Michael reveals the special surprise he has in store for everyone. A special guest, country singer Blake Shelton, comes on stage to join him. That’s more like it! The two sing a duet that sounds like the voices of angels. Couple that with their charm and handsome looks, and the performance is like a fantasy come to life.

A few seconds into their performance, and I was totally blown away. I love seeing the most talented musicians pool their talents together to create something epic.

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