> This Mobile Home Is A Serious Game Changer. Once You See The Inside You’ll Understand Why

This Mobile Home Is A Serious Game Changer. Once You See The Inside You’ll Understand Why


Have you ever dreamed of spending your retirement years in a mobile home, touring the country and finally seeing all the sites, the monuments, the parks, and the attractions you missed throughout your life? Perhaps you also envision yourself doing so in style.

Well then you better start saving because the “most luxurious mobile home in the world” will cost you a minimum of two and a half million dollars. That’s right. But boy, oh boy, are you in for the ride of your life. Check out the video below to take a free tour of this mansion on wheels.

So what does a two and half million dollar recreational vehicle look like? Check out this video, posted to Frank Carmi’s Youtube page, which has received over thirteen million views. You can take a virtual tour of what has been dubbed “the most luxurious mobile home in the world.”

Let’s get down to brass tacks and talk amenities.

According to maker Marchi’s website, “The Sky Lounge is one of the true highlights of the eleMMent palazzo superior. Extraordinary and exclusively reserved for the owner’s outstanding panoramic views, its automatic lift system raises it up out of the body to create a walled-in roof deck. An exterior stairwell leads up to the spacious deck with integrated lounge furniture and radiant floor heating. We focused on the interior design to create a true “home away from home” for owners accustomed to only the highest standards. A specially developed air convection system ensures a comfortable interior temperature and even prevents excess pressurization when sliding out the full-wall room extensions. Different temperature zones can be programmed and a continuous air circulation system ensures the best air quality at all times. The floor plan of the eleMMent palazzo superior will disprove any pre-existing stereotypes of mobile homes. Its purposeful engineering has created a living space that provides maximum comfort for owners and guests. One of the most outstanding features is a 4-meter couch within reach of a bar, a wine cabinet and an icemaker, not to mention a large TV screen across the room. The open kitchenette adds to the spacious interior atmosphere.

The bathroom is discretely separated from the living room and master bedroom and can be entered from either without seeming like a passageway between the two rooms. The large master bedroom features a king-size bed, manufactured by the same company that supplies beds to the British royal family and is considered the most comfortable in the world. The fine Italian bed linen is of highest quality. The bedroom furnishings not only provide ample storage capacity but also a dressing table and a large-screen TV. An adjoining spa area provides a private retreat for the owners and features a 1.5 sqm glazed rainfall shower. Also, light therapy, architectural mirrors and special surfaces create a serene atmosphere reserved for the elite few.”

What do you think of this astounding mobile home? Is it overkill, or everything you’ve ever dreamed of? Share your comments, thoughts, and opinions below in the comments section.