> Mom Diagnosed With Gestational Diabetes Linked To Potatoes

Mom Diagnosed With Gestational Diabetes Linked To Potatoes


When expectant mother Laurie Finberg went to the doctor, she got news that left her in shock. A food she had never thought twice about eating before or during her pregnancy, was now the cause of a serious health issue. Laurie was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, or pregnancy-induced diabetes. While it’s a condition only 9 percent of pregnant women will get, it’s something that women who plan on starting families should note. If you’re concerned you might have diabetes, see this list of common signs and symptoms.

Laurie was perfectly healthy, but after the diagnosis, she learned that potatoes caused her condition. “I had a pretty balanced healthy diet, before I was pregnant,” Laurie told CBS’ Stephanie Stahl. “Yeah, potatoes are part of my diet.”

A study by the National Institutes of Health indicates that eating potatoes before conception could be linked to gestational diabetes. Researchers tracked the potato consumption of over 15,000 women over 10 years, including when they were pregnant. Women who ate the most potatoes had higher rates of the conditions than those who ate fewer potatoes.

“Potatoes elevate blood sugar in people more than just about any other food,” said Dr. Aldo Palmieri, a researcher. Dr. Palmieri doesn’t suggest mothers completely eliminate the vegetable, but rather that it should be eaten in moderation. Researches found that substituting two of your usual servings of potatoes a week be swapped with another vegetable like legumes or whole grains.

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