I Must Have Tried A Dozen Things To Get My Bath Clean. Then My Friend Showed Me THIS Simple Trick…


Keeping a bathroom clean can be a difficult task. Especially when fungus starts to unknowingly creep into all cracks and crevices.

Jessica, from the blog This Blessed Life, found herself in a bit of a predicament. She tried nearly every product on the market and nothing would cure the mold growing from the grout of her tub. Six months into moving into their new home, Jessica was at a stand still. Her husband warned her not to scrub at the mold too hard or the grout would disappear and the mold would begin to grow into the wall.

She turned to the internet for help, and surprisingly found her solution on Pinterest. Only two items were needed for the removal: bleach and cotton beauty coils, which are used for perms.

The coils were great because they came in long strips which could be used to cover the grout. The project in total is extremely cheap, only costing two dollars. Jessica first decided to use a test strip along a corner of the tub to see how well the cotton and bleach actually worked. She was amazed to find that the next morning the corner was spotless!

After dousing the entirety of the grout in cotton and bleach the tub was pristine. She highly recommends this treatment stating on her blog, “I did this almost two months ago, and the mold has not returned.”


All you need to do is soak the cotton ball in the bleach, and place it on the mold, and watch that mold disappear!