> New Law In Place To Protect Animals Against People Who Leave Dogs Outside

New Law In Place To Protect Animals Against People Who Leave Dogs Outside


Owning a dog is a huge responsibility. They need love, affection, and care, and for some reason some people aren’t aware of the best ways to take care of their pets. So often, we hear stories about people who abuse their animals, abandon them, or leave them unattended in vehicles, but now a lot of these stories will be a thing of the past.

With the weather turning colder, our canine companions need as much consideration as any other member of our family, and now there will be a law put in place to help make sure they get it.


The cold can be too much for us sometimes, so it makes sense that the same is true for dogs. Of course your dog needs to go outside to go to relieve itself, but the temperatures should be considered. Many people leave their dogs outside for hours on end, assuming they will be fine, but now those people will have to face legal consequences for their actions…

The law will be put into place in Pennsylvania, and will help protect dogs from suffering in the colder months. The “Libre’s Law” states that there will be severe penalties for those who chose to leave their pets leashed out in extreme weather for more than 30 minutes. The law goes into effect if the temperature dips below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, or exceeds 90 degrees.

There are different degrees of charges. A summary offence will result in $50-$750 in fines and 90 days in jail, while a third-degree felony will cost abusive owners $15,000 and seven years in prison.


Local shelters have been providing advice to dog owners, saying that “your doghouse that you have should keep them dry. If it rains and that freezes, that’s awful. Please make sure that they can get out of the elements and they can get into the dog house and not actually be rained on. Have it raised off the ground if you can.”

The law was named after a Boston terrier who was found tied up outside in the cold. Libre was emaciated, sick, and left outside alone, but has made a full recovery.


They are also adding some strict ordinances that require animal owners to bring their pets inside, which if violated will add an extra $500 to their fine. Code Blue will be for when temperatures dip below 20 degrees F, Code Red for extreme heat, and Code Gray for extreme precipitaton.

Hopefully these new laws will help keep all the dogs safe and happy!