Going to the doctor can be an uncomfortable experience, from the poking and prodding to the often awkward questioning, things have the potential to get unpleasant. Well recently, mom and personal trainer, Julie Venn shared her daughter’s experience at her annual check-up on the Facebook page “Moms of Tweens And Teens” and let’s just say things escalated quickly.

The appointment began normally enough, with routine questions asked to 13-year-old Riley about her bedtime, exercise, and diet, which Venn said the girl answered to honestly. She admitted that the previous school year had been difficult, but the nurse practitioner pressed on, “Tell me RILEY, HOW CAN YOU EXPLAIN ALL OF THIS WEIGHT YOU’VE GAINED?”

Venn noticed her daughter’s eyes start to well up and wrote, “I had a literal, physical reaction. I put my hand up and said, ‘STOP! You need to stop talking to my daughter about her weight. She is 13, she is strong. She is healthy and she is PERFECT. You need to move on!’ However, the mom didn’t stop there and lectured the nurse after the appointment about body empowerment.

The responses to the post were varied. Some people found Venn and her message to be inspirational, while others said she had overreacted. Scroll down below to read her entire post and tell us your opinion!

Recently, mom, Julie Venn, shared her daughter’s experience at her annual checkup

And let’s just say things did not go as expected

Some people praised the mom for her message

While others defended the nurse

In any case, it’s important that everyone feels comfortable in their own body. Share this article to show you’re against body shaming!


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