With some cinder blocks and an old door, she created something for the back patio that all her guests love!

You probably never would have guessed that the only two materials you need to complete a big home project are an old wooden door and some cement blocks!

It might sound a little crazy, but the supplies combined create the cutest outdoor cinder block wet bar and gardening station!

Courtney M. shared the project on Hometalk, and it’s so simple to make!

“The best thing about this project is it’s so versatile — you can use it for just about anything you need it for, whether it be a little gardening station to hang your gardening tools and to assemble your flower pots, or of course as part of your entertainment area when you have guests over,” Courtney wrote on her Hometalk post.

She started the project by gathering the basic supplies and sanding down the door.


After the door was finished being prepped, she stained the whole thing to give it a fresh, new look.

While the door was drying, Courtney also painted the cinder blocks a fun aqua color.


By that point, the door was dry and Courtney was ready to start the second phase.

Courtney decided to fill the empty window panes with chicken wire so that the space can be used to hang gardening tools or bottle openers from.

“I’m sure the chicken wire will eventually rust, but I think it’ll add character to the whole look of the bar,” Courtney wrote.


After that, it was time to put the whole thing together.

Courtney decided where she wanted the door to be placed and leveled the ground around it.


She stacked the painted cinder blocks in front of the door in different directions. To keep them adhered and stable, Courtney layered them with a strong adhesive.


Courtney topped the cinder blocks with a wooden board as the counter top and glued it in place.

“Take two more cinder blocks that you aren’t using, or something else that has a pretty heavy weight, and gently lay them on top of your bar,” Courtney wrote.


The last step of the whole project was filling the openings of the cinder blocks with soil and plants to give it a real pop of color.

The result is gorgeous, and it’s the perfect addition to any yard!



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