‘Paralyzed’ Puppy Dumped Off At Vet’s Office. Minutes Later, Vets Notice Her Moving


Bringing a puppy home can be one of the most exciting moments ever! A tiny little fluff-ball running around the house, sharing licks and playing fetch – it’s a level of joy that words can’t describe.

But when Bo (now renamed Bella) was brought into her home at just six weeks old, things were far from a dream…

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Bella’s owners weren’t the best in the world. Just days after bringing her home, they dumped her at a California veterinarian, claimed she was paralyzed, asked for her to be put to sleep and promptly left.

The vet gladly took her in, but refused to give up on Bella so soon. They noticed her joints weren’t working properly and started running tests. That’s when they discovered Bella wasn’t paralyzed, she was suffering from something that was totally preventable.

Piper Wood, the founder of the Hand in Paw rescue center where Bella was placed after treatment, told The Dodo what the vets found.

“Maybe they weren’t feeding her enough, and her blood sugar was too low.”

Instead of putting Bella down, they started her own immediate treatment to replenish her fluids and the vital nutrients her tiny body needed.

Piper told The Dodo that the treatment was a success and before they knew it, Bella was up and moving!

“After being on IVs for two hours, she was able to stand up. She was a little shaky, but she was standing up, and eating on her own…

It was a pretty simple fix. A couple IVs, some fluids and she was fine. It probably cost less than euthanasia.”

After regaining her strength and becoming comfortable with people again, Bella was placed in her fur-ever home where she lives a pampered life! Now Piper is using the pup’s story to warn prospective dog owners about the responsibility of having a furry family member.

She told The Dodo having a pet isn’t something to take lightly.

“If you’re going to get a dog or any animal, they are a family member.

If you’re not ready to deal with health issues that come up, and you’re not prepared to give them what they need, then you probably shouldn’t have an animal.”

Hopefully Bella can serve as a cautionary tale to owners who aren’t aware of what it takes to be a good Dog Mom or Dad.

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Check out this adorable pup in the video below!

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