It’s no secret that little kids cry all of the time, but what often seems to be a mystery is why they’re crying. If you don’t know the kid or their family, you’re without a clue. They’ve got food, clothes, and even a cool action figure to play with, what could they possibly be upset about?

Well, wonder no more, thanks to Reasons My Son Is Crying. The blog began when Greg Pembroke was looking to document the reasons why his then three-year-old son was crying, but it has since evolved into a place where all parents can share why their child is turning on the waterworks. While it’s hard to imagine laughing at a crying child, the things that brought on the tears are often so outrageous or ridiculous, you won’t be able to keep from chuckling.

1.) Or you can do whatever you want.

2.) … well, you do you, kid.

3.) Noooooooo.

4.) … oops?

5.) Life can be hard.


7.) I always want to do this, but never can.

8.) Well, it’s just time to live there.

9.) Tragedy. Just, tragedy.

10.) Being a daredevil isn’t easy.

11.) Sharing may be caring, but he doesn’t want any of it.

12.) PSSST…

13.) Safer, sure… but cooler?

14.) These tears are because this little kid knows he peaked way too early.

15.) This is the worst news ever.

16.) One day, kid.

17.) I understand your pain.

18.) The struggle is real.

19.) His sister is stone cold.

20.) But… but it’s so delicious.

21.) That poor child.

22.) Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.

23.) It’s hard to know what to say here.

24.) He’s going to have to get used to cuddle piles.

25.) It was a sad day for everyone.

(via Reasons My Son is Crying)

If I met Robery Downey Jr., I’d be crying, too (but because of euphoric joy). Sometimes, you just need to embrace your emotions and be unafraid to cry it out… just like these kids.

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