People Are Criticizing Mom For Breastfeeding Her 4-Year-Old. Do You Think That’s Too Old?


It was not until 1867 that formula was created as a means to ensure that babies got the nutrition that they required. This means that breastfeeding was pretty much the only option that was available. Since breastmilk is free, it was often used until children were older because it allowed them to get the right nutrition without excessive food expenses. This was especially true for women who did not have the financial means to properly feed their children.

In recent decades, more women have opted for a formula for numerous reasons even though breastmilk is considered to be the superior choice for infants to best develop and grow. Despite the World Health Organization recommending breastfeeding, United States women abandon this feeding method at increasing numbers once their babies hit the six-month mark.

It is estimated that at 12 months old, only about 27 percent of babies are still breastfed by their mothers. Leanne Allerton is certainly one who takes this type of breastfeeding seriously because she chooses to continue to provide this type of nutrition to her children well beyond the 12-month mark.

Allerton is a 35-year-old mom who is very active in the lives of her children. She also has a popular channel on YouTube where she posts plenty of videos of her breastfeeding her kids. One of her more recent videos caught the attention of people whose opinions are a bit different from hers concerning breastfeeding older kids. In this specific video, she is breastfeeding her daughter Poppy who is four years old. This video is one of the most watched on her channel, sitting at over one million views.

Allerton says that she likes to record videos while breastfeeding because it is a good time for her to discuss things. She further states that this method has gotten her a number of great recommendations and advice concerning whatever topic she might have been talking about at the time.

Unfortunately, while there are plenty of people who support her choices, there are also plenty who do not. She does what she can to delete the comments and block the authors of them.

In the video in question, Allerton tells her viewers that she enjoys breastfeeding her older child because it offers an opportunity to bond. However, she tries to focus the breastfeeding just on the time before her daughter goes to bed. In addition to Poppy, Allerton also still breastfeeds her son who is five years old.

Allerton had no problem telling the naysaying viewers that she is perfectly happy with her choices and that she has no plans to stop breastfeeding her kids. Some people told her that her kids were too big or that she is lying about still having milk. She set them straight. The American Association of Pediatrics has her back because they agree that breastfeeding for as long as both parties desire it is the best option for a mom and her kids.