Photo Of A Fast Food Employee Helping An Old Woman Goes Viral


A17-year-old fast food employee in Tennessee is getting national attention for lending a helping hand during his shift.

A Knoxville resident photographed Hardee’s employee Kailen Young as he helped an elderly woman named Bobbi Clare to her car. The photo, which was posted on the chain’s Facebook page, has been shared more than 4,000 times.

“It just really spoke to me, I guess since so much negative media lately has been around the race card. Black and white young and old all come together in this picture,” wrote David Yardley‎, who posted the picture. “I admire this young man and appreciate his kindness.”

Over the weekend, Young was also awarded a $1,000 check from Hardee’s for being a good Samaritan. Yet, the teen is shocked by the response he’s received, similarly to the English teen who helped an old man.

“Some people say they view it as rare, and I was surprised by that, because it’s just a normal thing for me. Going through reading the comments, it’s been very humbling, very heartwarming,” Young told Tennessee’s WBIR.

Clare also expressed her gratitude saying, “I felt a little touch of heaven, that kindness and goodness in the world. We need that so much, don’t we?”

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A Facebook user shared this photo of a Hardee’s employee helping an elderly woman walk to her car. The good deed is quickly receiving national attention.


He wrote this caption explaining why he found the gesture noteworthy.


The restaurant even gave 17-year-old Kailen Young $1,000 for helping Bobbi Clare.


His humble response: “Some people say they view it as rare, and I was surprised by that, because it’s just a normal thing for me.”


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