A Photographer Captured The Secret Life Of Snails In These Amazing Photos


The last time we examined Vyacheslav Mishchenko‘s work, we took a look at his mushroom-themed macro photography. The photographer manages to capture images of the tiny creatures that many of us wouldn’t notice by simply going outside with a camera.

Today, we look at his work with snails. Snails probably don’t get enough love from most people, but they’re pretty amazing when you stop to check them out. While you might think of them as simply slow-moving, blobby creatures, Mishchenko’s photographs show them actively exploring their surroundings, being curious, and interacting with one another. They’re also all-around adorable.


 Mishchenko’s photos capture a wide variety of woodland life, both flora and fauna, but snails remain a constant favorite. “I photograph all insects, but snails have touched my heart particularly,” Mishchenko explains. “I think that snails are simply extraordinary not only in their shape and form, but also in their beauty and behavior. They are magic creatures for me. I think they catch the attention of many people, not just mine.”

After seeing them in their natural habitats like this, it’s hard to argue. These snails look quite beautiful in the wild.