> Photographer lines up 11 babies, captures beautiful portraits of children with Down Syndrome

Photographer lines up 11 babies, captures beautiful portraits of children with Down Syndrome


Growing up, Julie Willson’s childhood was a bit different from the rest of her friends and peers. It wasn’t that her parents didn’t love her or that she had insurmountable hardships. Julie grew up with a little sister named Dina who was born with Down Syndrome.

Because of this, she understood firsthand the struggles those with Down Syndrome faced. Julie decided to use her incredible photography skills to make a difference.


Julie, a very talented photographer from New Jersey, recently embarked on a special project that involves very special subjects.

She organized a group of children with Down Syndrome and shot a photoshoot.


The goal of this photography project was to showcase how awesome, amazing, funny, and unique each of these children are. The idea is to convince everyone that Down Syndrome doesn’t change a person. It is simply an extra obstacle to overcome.


The objective of this project was to show just how happy those with Down Syndrome can be! They can have just as a fulfilling of a life as the rest of us, even with their disability.


Down Syndrome is a condition that occurs when a baby is born with one extra chromosome in their body.

The degree to which Down Syndrome affects a person’s life will vary. Under certain circumstances, Down Syndrome will have a more debilitating effect. In others, it will be very easy to deal with. It really depends on the child who is diagnosed with it.


However, millions of dollars have been spent on further research around Down Syndrome. While there is no formal cure, Down Syndrome research has reached a point where those are living longer and can enjoy their lives more despite having the disability.


Although, Dina passed away over four years ago from a congestive heart failure, Julie still remembers her beloved sister dearly.

She explains that Dina was “the best thing that could have happened to our family.”

Although the condition comes with setbacks, its often something families can rally around to bring them closer.


The children shown in these photographs are attending schools and class. They play and have fun with peers their age!


Thanks to medical research and advancements, Dina was able to live a life that was double the length of a typical person with Down Syndrome.


If you want to learn more about ways you can help those with Down Syndrome, please visit the National Down Syndrome Society.


Thanks to Julie and her amazing sister, Dina, the two have been able to raise awareness about an important issue in society.

Oftentimes, we find ourselves looking down at those with Down Syndrome, but in reality, they are just as loving, happy, and amazing as the rest of us.


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