> Photographer lines up 11 babies with Down Syndrome, reveals their true beauty with photoshoot

Photographer lines up 11 babies with Down Syndrome, reveals their true beauty with photoshoot


When Julie Wilson was growing up, she lived in what was an otherwise normal family. The only thing special about her family? Her sister, Dina was born with down syndrome. Because of this, Julie now uses her talents to help…


Julie is now a talented photographer that operates in New Jersey. She decided recently, however, to undertake a project that involved some very special subjects.


Julie decided to do a series of photographs depicting children that had all been diagnosed with down syndrome.


The motivation behind the project? Julie wanted to show the world that although these children may suffer from a disability, they all have unique and incredible personalities.


Julie wanted to let everyone know that just because a child has down syndrome doesn’t mean they and their families can’t live happy lives.


If you didn’t know, down syndrome occurs when someone possesses an extra chromosome in their body.


Although it can stunt physical and mental growth, down syndrome isn’t as severe of a problem as it used to be because of all the research surrounding it. Now more than ever, people diagnosed with down syndrome are able to live happy and fulfilling lives.


Julie’s sister Dina passed away 4 years ago due to heart failure. Dina may no longer be with Julie, but Julie will remember her forever with this tribute.


Julie says that Dina was “the best thing that could have happened to our family.”



Julie wants to show the world that these children have just as much to offer the world compared to anyone else. Her photographs do an amazing job of portraying her message!


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