PHOTOS: It Might Look Strange She Poked Her Eggs With Thumbtacks. But The Reason For It? BRILLIANT!


Coking eggs is truly an art.  There are so many ways to cook an egg, and so many ways to mess up!  No matter how experienced you are in the egg cooking realm, these simple egg cooking hacks will help you immensely if you ever need some protein packed breakfast!

Check out these egg tips below, and see if any of them will help you out next time you want some breakfast.

Oven boiled eggs are easy to make, and if you use this method you can boil a bunch of eggs at once!  Simply load up a muffin tray with eggs (no water is needed) and roast them in the heat of your oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.


Making edible egg rounds are super easy if you use a bell pepper cross section.  You can also use bread if you want more of a breakfast sandwich.


Need to separate an egg yolk from its white?  Squeeze a plastic bottle and suck up the yolk, and your’e done!  This method of separation is super easy and quick.


If you are making deviled eggs, you want a centered yolk so that you can have a proper filling space.  12 hours before cooking your eggs, turn them on their side and the yolk will center itself!


Relieve the pressure that builds up inside a boiled egg by sticking a thumb tack in the round part of the egg.  This will allow for super easy peeling once your eggs are done cooking.


If you just never want to peel an egg again, there’s a hack for that too!  Cutting your egg in half will allow you to just scoop it out of the shell with ease.


Test for freshness of an egg by dropping it in a cup of water.  If the egg sinks, it is still good to eat.  If it floats, better throw it out.


This is a fun idea: egg waffles!  Just pouring whisked egg in a waffle iron will cook your eggs super fast.


For a quick meal, you can make an omelette in a bag by preparing it beforehand.  All you need are some ZipLoc Steam bags, and omelette ingredients.  Learn more how to do this here.


Last but not least, learn how to make a “golden egg” by watching the video below.  This will make some really cool looking eggs!

Do any of these tips appeal to you?  Which ones?  Let us know in the comments below!