PHOTOS: I Was About To Toss Out My Coffee Canisters, Then My Friend Took Them And Made THIS! AWESOME


Most of the best DIY projects are made from things that we find, things that have been thrown away. Buying materials is a thing of the past in this waste-everything society; you just need to know where to look.

But even around the most creative “upcyclers” the following coffee canister transformation would be mind-blowing!

When Scott from Saws on Skates saw a bunch of empty Folgers cans sitting in the trash, he didn’t just ignore them like the rest of us. He saw the potential for those simple coffee cans to become something better, something beautiful. He decided to turn them into art.

Other than the coffee cans, all Scott needed for this inspired project was an empty coffee creamer bottle, an old instant coffee container and some solar-powered lights.


Once he had collected all the supplies, step one was to cut off the bottoms of the containers and add some interesting holes to the front. Then he grabbed some spray paint and covered the inside of the creamer bottle in bright yellow. Once that was dry, he painted the outside a dark brown.


Now it was time to grab a brush and start decorating. Scott decided to paint the area around the eyes a bright shade of yellow to bring out the lights inside. To bring it all together, he used some caulk to bind the canisters together in a tower.

tiki5 tiki4

Once he popped one of the little solar lights inside, Scott found that he had made these incredible little upcycled tiki statues – perfect for the front porch or decorating a patio.

tiki1 tiki2

tii2 tki

Can you think of a better way to recycle old coffee containers? Share with us in the comments!