Pianist Nicholas Bryant surprises ‘BGT’ judges with flash mob hidden in audience

When Nicholas Bryant stepped onto the stage for his “Britain’s Got Talent” audition, he didn’t make much of an impression. Judge Amanda Holden took one look at Bryant’s dull clothes and shy demeanor and glanced at her co-judges with a quizzical, “Seriously?” look on her face.
When he began to speak, Bryant still made no waves. Judge Simon Cowell had to prompt him for his full name, and seemed unimpressed with Bryant’s humble mannerisms and stated desire to “get my music out there.” Cowell shrugged and all but rolled his eyes at the end of the interview as Bryant took his position at the piano.
When he began to play, the introduction to Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” was enjoyable but unremarkable. But at twelve seconds into it, something unexpected happens: a solo violinist wanders onto the stage to join Bryant. Then a second man comes onstage and lifts his arms to cue a horn section from the audience, which stands up and begins to play. They are joined by a string section, a choir, and an electric guitar played solo from a box seat, and with Bryant pounding away at the piano, the effect is an astounding rise of energy and music quite different from its unassuming introduction.
Judge Alesha Dixon told UnrealityTV, “I did not know where to look. That was one of the most brilliantly put together performances I have ever seen. Fabulous!”
Cowell agreed, joking that if the group won the competition, they would each have earned about eight pence. They will get the chance to earn that eight pence, however, as the judges gave Bryant and his orchestra a standing ovation and advanced them to the next stage of the competition.
Watch the video and enjoy Bryant’s successful bait-and-switch on the BGT judges!