This Picnic Table Is More Than Meets The Eye! This Is Amazing.


As someone born and raised in what might be considered the boondocks, I definitely understand the importance of a good porch. On a warm summer day, your porch is the perfect place to sip tea, catch up with friends, or watch a nice storm roll in.

And while some believe the kitchen is the heart of a house, I personally believe the porch — front or back, big or small — is the center of any home.

That’s why good, solid patio furniture is so essential — and why this seemingly-simple table is so brilliant! Designed and built by Sarah Bowes of Domesticated Engineer, this table is not only gorgeous; it’s incredibly practical and delightfully clever.

If your house is the go-to spot for any and all summertime soirees, then you need to check out this table. It’s the perfect addition to any cookout, beer tasting, or birthday party.

What would you use this table for? Let us know in the comments below!

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Wanting to make a table that was more than just a table, blogger and “DIY-er” Sarah began to do some research. After finding some inspiration on Pinterest, she got to work.


After sanding down her spruce boards, she began by drilling the pocket holes.


Next, she arranged all her boards and laid two planter boxes, face down, in the middle.


When everything was ready, she began to screw and glue all the pieces together. For this step, she enlisted the help of her hubby, Alex.


After that was finished, she and Alex began to assemble the pieces that will go around the planter boxes.


Next, they inserted slats and support pieces.


When that was done, they attached the support boxes to the cross beams.


Then, they lined up the support pieces with the table skirt.


After everything was assembled, it was time to add the legs.


After, it was time for the wood conditioner and stain. Finally, it was time to unveil the table’s special feature…


They removed the two pieces that cover the planter boxes, grabbed a bag of ice…


…And added some of their favorite refreshments!


Their picnic table is also a tabletop cooler!


Wine, beer, soda, even popsicles — the summertime possibilities of this amazing table are endless!


But Sarah and Alex aren’t the only ones enjoying this clever design! Blogger Heidi has built a similar table herself.


It seems like everyone is in love with this brilliant patio addition!


Imagine the fun your friends and family would have during summertime parties and cookouts.


Would you like to have a table like this? Let us know how you would use it in the comments below!


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