Pit bulls are like the Dwayne Johnson, aka “The Rock,” of dogs. Like Johnson, a former WWE wrestler turned action star, the breed of dog is muscular, strong, and intimidating looking. But once you get to know a pit bull, and its many lovable facets, the dog is about as scary as a tooth fairy, which Johnson played in the movie Tooth Fairy (complete with pink tutu).

Many pit bull owners know that the breed is naturally affectionate, smart, and ultimately super goofy, which is exemplified in this video compilation about why they’re simply the best dogs ever.

Yet, unfortunately, not everyone knows this about pit bulls. The stigma attached to the breed, which has been unfairly perpetuated by abusive and illegal dog fighting culture, is the stereotype most people are familiar with, and thus, many people are afraid of them.

This is precisely why residents in Ft. Myers, FL called the cops when they noticed a pit bull freely roaming the streets of their quiet neighborhood. Deputy Mark Elsaid of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office happened to be patrolling the neighborhood when they got the call and decided to check it out…

When cops stumbled upon the rogue pup, they wrote about the experience on their Facebook page.



“This morning, deputies responded to an Animal call in South District. A large pit bull was running around and neighbors were worried.”



“Upon arrival, the deputy discovered that this wonderful dog was just out looking for friends to play with.”



“After sufficient play time and fun, deputies were able reunite the dog with his owners. A gate was accidentally left open and this beautiful dog was able to be taken back to his loving home.”



“Not all dogs are bad, especially pit bulls,” Tiffany Wood, one of Lee County Sheriff’s Office’s public information officers, told the Huffington Post. “We don’t always hear the best things about them, but this story shows they can be really loving and friendly.”


Once the story was posted on Lee County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page, they received an outpour of pit bull support. One cop happened to see the post and wrote about a similar experience he had once had with a pit bull:


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